Hello world!

I have just under two weeks to go until I set off for a 7,500 bike race across Africa – the Tour D’Afrique.

There are about six million things that need to be done and so far today I have been for a quick training ride and am now sitting with my cousin Charlie Mackenzie as he designs me a short, sweet and simple site.

It is amazing how long it takes to do things – even simple things and the kind of decisions that you have to make. Do we have a section called Kit or Gear? White background or black or grey? How shall we link in with all the social media etc.

Be great when it is all done and I can just get on with the riding. Although I suspect when I have had my first 100 hours or so on the bike I will look back to this day in the warmth with hot tea and a Twix with absolute longing.

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