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Ride across Africa with me! From Cairo to Cape Town - 8000 miles of blood, sweat and tears with some close encounters with elephants thrown in.

Dodging Elephants

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The Book of the BBC2 Series Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure Timbuktu. A city of legends and myths hidden in the heart of Africa. It was once the richest city on earth. Its greatest king changed the route of the Niger just so his wife could have a bath.

Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

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My 1001 Nights

My 1001 Nights

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A night with the nomads

November 17, 2019

We were all nomads once. From our earliest emergence from the slime, through our evolution to all fours, then crouching, then standing tall, we moved forward relentlessly, our bodies evolving to help us cover the ground more easily. We hunted and gathered and sought shelter where we could find it, with only the most basic…

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