MdS Day 1

Day 1 done . Feeling knackered but great 15km of dunes at the beginning. Thank you all for the wonderful messages that were brought to my tent! Roll on tomorrow

2 comments on “MdS Day 1

  1. Saira Shah on

    You survived a day!! Well done!! Hope the weather wasn’t too hot. Can’t wait to hear the full gory details. Nurse those blisters. Drink loads. And as my mother said when I first went to Afghanistan ‘remember to wear face cream dear, the outside air is dreadfully drying.’ Love and hugs, Saira xx

  2. Sian Williams on

    Wow – well done for getting through it. Immensely proud of you. You have such reserves of willpower and determination. Keep going, keep your spirits high and remember: “nothing is impossible, once it is done”. All love Sian xx


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