Four days in

I always think it is a good thing that when you embark on something you don’t know just how hard it will be…

The first four days have been really tough. We have done 2 days at 130km, one at 180 and today – an easy 100.

The roads have been fantastic, long and straight with only gentle hills and the weather has been kind too. But we have had to contend with a few days of headwind which is a killer.

And the sheer distance is a killer too. Your body doesn’t have time to recover before it is on the saddle again for another long stretch.

Riding in a group is the only way to survive. It can be hard focusing to keep on the pace but with the wind against you you need the bodies to shield you and also the camaraderie to keep you going.

So what hurts? Quite a lot. My quads are aching as the muscle builds, and my back is taking a beating from having to carry three litres of water which weighs about 7 lbs. I should have brought a pannier. And like everyone else – I am saddle sore.

Off to bed to try and recover before the next day’s ride. We are doing 139 km tomorrow – pray for a tail wind. Pix at link below (you don’t have to be on facebook to view)

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