Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

BBC2 Morocco to Timbuktu An Arabian Adventure

Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

This adventure was not just about the physical journey of getting from Tangier to Timbuktu, it was about immersing myself in the life lived by traders five hundred years ago. I I explored the lost city of Sijilmassa, mined for gold in Mali and ate some very crunchy goat trachea.

The traders would cross from the heart of Africa up to Europe and back again with cargoes of gold, slaves, and salt. Like them, I rode on camel back through the Sahara, slept in medieval caravanserai, and crossed the Atlas Mountains made treacherous by snow.

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The traders of old were faced with danger at every turn. They might die of thirst in the Sahara or fall to their deaths on an ice-covered pass in the Atlas Mountains while bandits waited in secluded river valleys to rob and murder them. For us, the dangers were of a more modern kind, as we faced closed borders and the ongoing threat of jihadists