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I am the presenter of BBC2 series, Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure. My book of the series is available on Amazon and I have also written Dodging Elephants, the story of racing across Africa on a bike. 8000 miles of adventure! My latest book – My 1001 Nights – is being published by Simon&Schuster in April 2019.

From January to the end of March, I will be trekking 1200km along the course of the Draa River with camels to carry my supplies. It is an old-school exploration and you can follow me every step of the way – on the site and on my social media.

In 2018, I took on an ultra race around Everest. Well, who could resist 160km with 15,000m of climbing around the world’s most iconic mountain?

2015 saw my first “world first” with the Atlas to Atlantic trek from the highest point of North Africa, straight across the Atlas Mountains to the sea. No-one had attempted it before. I was sponsored by Epic Morocco. And it was, indeed, an Epic.

In 2014, I took on the biggest challenge of my life and ran the  Marathon Des Sables. They call it “the toughest footrace on earth”. 250 kms across the Sahara Desert. That is six marathons in six days and one of them is a double. The temperature was in the 40s and you have to carry your own food and kit.

In 2011 I completed the Tour D’Afrique, 12,000 kms on a bike from Cairo to Cape Town. We got shot at, chased by elephant (hence the book title!), survived malaria and typhoid…. I loved every minute!

I speak fluent Arabic and now live in Morocco. All views in this blog are my own.