Timbuktu – the legendary city of gold. I followed the ancient salt routes from the very tip of Africa into its heart across the burning sands of the Sahara. I am an Adventurer based in Morocco and Presenter of the BBC2 Series, Morocco to Mali: An Arabian Adventure.

This particular adventure was like living history. I walked in the footsteps of the trans-Saharan traders of old, explored the salt mines deep in the Atlas mountains, camped with nomads in the prehistoric Jebel Saghro and met the beautiful descendant of an Ethiopian slave.


I am a BBC2 Presenter for the series Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure. I have worked extensively for all the main forms of media: press, TV, radio and online. I currently write and broadcast on travel and adventure. I am the author of two books: Dodging Elephants and Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Alice Morrison Journalist


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